Aquascutum AW17 collection retail window display

Luxury UK-based clothing retailer Aquascutum has gone for a larger-than-life camouflage print for their AW17 window display, at their Great Marlborough Street and Westfield White City stores.

Aquascutum’s design proposal for the window display was to have monochrome with a colour accent. Colour is a powerful component and can be used in a variety of clever ways to draw focus to products on display. The retailer wanted to have oversized cut-outs of the AW17 campaign, cropped to accentuate the beauty of the cloth, texture and details of the clothes they are showing. These cut-outs were to become centre stage.

Hello Flamingo, the creative company collaborating with Aquascutum, developed the creative store window display to include the camouflage print along with the brand’s iconic Club Check. The team then gave each of the large cut-outs their own camouflage shadow, and the camouflage print can also be found within the season’s collection.

Aquascutum AW17 collection retail window display

The various cut-outs were staggered to enhance the depth of the display, with additional camo shadows set back 50mm from them to create a further sense of depth.

The cut-outs are the main focus of the display and are huge; with some measuring over 3m high, filling the window space at the Westfield store. Some cut-outs show people from the thigh up; others include the whole body.

In both the large windows of Westfield shopping centre and the smaller windows on Great Marlborough Street, the varying sizes of the cut-out elements and splashes of colour against the otherwise monochromatic display combine well to highlight the product.

Image credit: Retail Focus / Instagram