Bergdorf Goodman stencil retail window displays

Bergdorf Goodman, the luxury goods department in New York City, is famous for its retail window displays, such as their Christmas displays or artist collaborations. The department store’s most recent collaboration was with New York City-based artist Sean Slaney, who created displays for three windows.

To create the window display, Slaney spray painted stencil patterns on seamless paper for David Hoey, the window director at Bergdorf Goodman. Some of the paper has been draped around the central mannequins like a pulled back curtain.

Artist Slaney said about the window project, “I have freelanced for many years at Bergdorf Goodman building props, painting backdrops and installing sets. Frequently, I would show the window director David Hoey my personal work, and he expressed interest in doing stencil art windows.”

Bergdorf Goodman stencil retail window displays

The team at Bergdorf Goodman worked with stencils themselves, with Slaney drawing a mix of unrelated things such as animals, vehicles and plants.

“I made stencils and then spray-painted wacky patterns that were about shapes working together and bright colours on seamless paper. I then brought the large scale patterned paper to Bergdorf Goodman and hung them on the wall to show the scale and the collaboration was born. David Hoey came up with the presentation of layering seamless paper draped in an artful way,” said Slaney.

The large paper, draped on the walls, was also lighted in various bright hues of blue orange, yellow and red, matching the colours of the stencils. The lighting on the paper gives the whole window display a magical touch, immediately drawing the eye of passers-by.

Bergdorf Goodman stencil retail window displays

Image credit: Retail Focus, Sean Slaney / Instagram