Store window display of London flagship store

As our previous blog post mentioned, the London Design Festival has drawn to a close and showcased many creative ideas; you can read about our favourites here.

But alongside these innovations were a number of creative store window displays that caught the eye, with one of those being for the Nicholas Kirkwood x Bulgari collaboration.

British fashion designer Nicholas Kirkwood has teamed up with the Italian jewellery and luxury goods brand Bulgari. They are working together on the Serpenti Forever collection, which warranted an eye-catching window display at their flagship store.

Italian brand Bulgari, often stylised BVLGARI written in the classic Latin alphabet, is one of the oldest Italian jewellery houses dating back to 1884. Their style is very distinctive and very recognisable, drawing from ancient elements of Greek, Roman and Italian Renaissance, and later Art Deco and Parisian styles.

They are famous for their coloured stones, especially sapphires, which are often mixed in unique formats. Their jewellery and accessories are often decorated generously with these gems in a variety of colours and combinations.

It is no surprise that they have teamed up with shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood, who is known for his distinctive texture and colour combinations, as well as his almost architectural style in which he crafts the footwear.

The pair are both adept at working with snakeskin, which is probably why they have teamed up to reinvent The Serpenti Forever collection; and with such a distinctive redesign, there needs to be a window display to suit.

The new windows feature faceted frames that have been made with a series of LED sticks, hung purposely in an erratic way to create a burst of light, drawing the eye to the display.

The bags themselves are sat atop black gloss podiums, which seem to almost act as a mirror to the light frames. The reflected light then seems to bounce off the faceted studs on the bags, causing them almost to resemble the glittering gemstones you would find in their Rome jewellery stores.


Photo courtesy of Nicholas Kirkwood/Instagram