Clarks’ creative store window displays

Shoe experts Clarks’ latest Regent Street store window display promotes the brand’s new Trigenic collection. The collection has been designed to optimise natural movement, combining innovation, biomechanics and expert craftsmanship to create a profile that provides barefoot freedom with the comfort of a running shoe.

The creative store window displays for Clarks were produced in collaboration with Harlequin Design. The bespoke display powerfully showcases the shoes, deconstructing the sole to illustrate the shoe’s flexibility. The large shoe model has been installed in both of the store’s windows along with illuminated neon tubes that act as plinths, displaying some of the shoes in the range at various angles. This provides passers-by with a good perspective of the product as a whole.

Clarks’ creative store window displays

The deconstructed large-scale shoe models – suspended from the ceiling by a series of wires – are displayed vertically in one window and horizontally in the other, beautifully showing off the detail of the Trigenic sole. The backdrop to the display complements the 3D props with flowing waves that evoke the feeling of natural movement, which is exactly the message that Clarks are promoting for Trigenic.

Clarks shows ingenuity with their window displays and in this case with particular focus on the craftsmanship behind their shoes and the passion that goes into producing quality footwear.

Image credit: Harlequin Design / Instagram