Missguided flagship store in London

In November 2016, online retailer Missguided opened their first flagship store at London’s Westfield Stratford City shopping centre. The retailer has been going from strength to strength since launching in 2009 and decided to follow the success onto the high street, setting them apart from other exclusively online retailers.

Their first flagship store covers 20,000 sq. ft. of space and Missguided wanted to introduce a unique and bespoke environment. Offering a distinctive visual merchandising design and shopping experience, they created an out-of-this-world visual setting for their customers. The space for Missguided’s flagship store was designed by D&P, a leading retail design consultancy, and we at Vision On partnered with them to produce some of the store’s aesthetic features.

Aesthetic features

Missguided flagship store in London

Up to eight metres of canvas drop material was printed, produced and then installed at the front of the store. These drops set the overall ambience and helped to break-up the TV screens which were installed in the same area.

We printed and produced curved metal frames, including the canvas covers which were an integral part of the store’s interior. The frames were produced to distinguish between the concepts and customer profiles such as the Petite department, and were located throughout the store.

Curved curtain rails complimented the three-metre drops of curtains, which were located on the mezzanine floor and produced in-house. Our team positioned, installed and steamed the curtains while on site.

Missguided flagship store in London

For the fitting rooms, we produced the curtain rails and voile curtains in-house and then installed them on site. These curtains of a sheer fabric were designed to be kept open or closed, depending on the store’s ambience.

Emoji decals were printed and installed across the storefront windows, giving the customer a glimpse of the fun and unique touch Missguided offer before even entering the store.

Located on the ground floor of the flagship store were ‘infinity walls’. These were produced in-house and installed in-store. The artwork seen on the walls was created onto wallpaper and the wave effect hand-crafted.

Vision On was also involved with producing the mannequin plinths, made from MDF and acrylic. These plinths were designed to be integrated seamlessly with the store’s concept and were hand-crafted to meticulous detail.


Missguided flagship store in London

We were also approached to produce some of the props that would be placed around the store. These included eye-catching pineapples, colourful doughnuts, and tongue-in-cheek Instagram blocks, reflecting the unique and fun atmosphere that Missguided were creating for the store.

Attention to detail was crucial when it came to producing the props, so many were designed by our specialist production team and handcrafted.

Missguided flagship store in London

Amongst the exciting set up of the store was a unique vending machine Missguided had introduced, selling ‘unicorn dreams’ which coordinated with the overall aesthetics. Missguided produced something fun and distinctive for their customers – this was not a run-of-the-mill fizzy drinks dispenser. We were delighted to have been asked to help produce the bespoke labelling that was featured on the cans of unicorn dreams.

Production to Installation

From the beginning of production to the individual features being installed within the Missguided flagship store, the project was successfully completed in less than six weeks. Within that time frame, the props, which included the 25 hand-crafted pineapples, had taken just two weeks to produce.

Seeing the project go from initial designs to being installed in the store, ready for the customers to marvel at, was a delightful experience to be involved with.

Missguided flagship store in London