Primark Athleisure retail window design scheme

The New Year is the perfect time for people to get back into shape after indulging at Christmas, and Primark has launched the best product to help out. At the end of December and beginning of January, we helped roll out Primark’s workout window campaign, Primark Athleisure.

This is the first time all scheme windows exclusively follow one theme, the ‘workout’ sports and fitness campaign, highlighting the fantastic range of Athleisure product. The goal for the windows was to create a balance and harmony between the layered graphics in order to frame the mannequins and featured apparel appearing in the windows, providing depth to the display.

Primark Athleisure retail window design scheme

The retail window design features geometrically shaped window decals on the glazing that compliments the printed designs on the backdrops, which also feature geometric shapes and lines.

We produced printed canvas graphics using custom frames and specialised magnetic wallpaper backdrops for the flagship stores in Central London, Stratford and Boston.

The flooring was given a light marble effect, which was created by printing directly onto a versatile substrate for durability. The mannequin plinths were also created with a marble effect to bring cohesion to the whole display.

Primark Athleisure retail window design scheme

We rolled out the scheme worldwide to a total of 17 stores, including the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Brussels and the US, and Vision On styled and dressed the London stores which are carrying the theme.

The whole Primark Athleisure project was completed in under four weeks, with UK stores opening the campaign at the end of December and international stores quickly following within the first week of January 2017.

Our passion for creative displays at Vision On and collaborating with clients, be they returning like Primark or brand new relationships, allows us to pay attention to every detail and provide end-to-end services where everyone involved will be excited and proud of the outcome.