James Bay creative shop display with Topman

Singer-songwriter James Bay has collaborated with Topman to launch a 13-piece collection. To celebrate the partnership, the high street retailer unveiled a ‘live’ window display at its Oxford Street store in August, and can still be seen at the store.

The musician created a Wall of Inspiration for the retailer that included some of his own original drawings, and on the launch date, 17th August, customers were invited to join Bay in completing the artwork. The concept of the window display was done by YourStudio, who created an immersive maze that customers could walk through, and Stylo, who produced and installed the window display.

The immersive maze installation was created using sound, light and vision. Giant, white neon interlocking hands, inspired by one of Bay’s illustrations, filled the window displays, while a black and white fingerprint design was multiplied by the use of fractal mirrors in the in-store installation.

The fractal-mirrored maze has been created to reflect Bay, his collection and visitors within the space, while endless patterns with video and lighting created animation. Arced stages and mirrors also reflected moving images of Bay’s illustrations and the process behind their creation, along with short films displayed on screens throughout the installation. These displays brought to life the thinking behind the collection.

James Bay creative shop display with Topman

Topman, known for their creative shop displays with their sister shop, Topshop, turned the traditional window scheme on its head, with visitors in-store able to peer out onto the street through one of Bay’s illustrations. The window display and artistic installation included mannequins dressed in signature pieces from the collection.


Image credit: James Bay, Howard Sullivan, YourStudio / Instagram