Liebeskind retail window design

German accessories retailer Liebeskind has focussed its summer window campaign for its Berlin stores around one key item from the brand’s summer collection – a backpack in snakeskin. The highlighted product is brought sharply into focus by a surrounding decorative element that compliments the pattern, making the window display a strong visual statement.

Liebeskind’s clear language design is perfectly paired with the Berlin lifestyle, creating an iconic look. The softer pattern of the snakeskin design contrasts with the sharp edges and corners of geometric shapes.

Liebeskind retail window design

A backdrop sits in one half of the window and follows the same symmetrical pattern as that of the backpack in the centre, with the colours and pattern perfectly in alignment. Using just half of the window for the backdrop cleverly creates tension and draws the eye into the centre of the window display.

Liebeskind has created, in collaboration with Dfrost, a simple retail window design that still has an impact on passers-by as their attention is drawn to the key product of their summer collection.

Image credit: Retail Focus, Dfrost / Instagram