Oasis Fashion 3D window display

Oasis Fashion has collaborated again with the Zoological Society of London and unveiled an animal themed 3D window display at its Argyll Store in London. The window displays have been launched to promote Oasis’ range of clothes featuring some of the world’s most endangered animals. The window scheme features real wood hanging branches, with artificial foliage attached.

The window display, which carries on in-store, was produced alongside Harlequin Design, and Rootstein provided two mannequins to hang from the ceiling. Wearing clothes in a tropical print, one mannequin is holding a magnifying glass in its hand, giving the impression it has discovered something on the floor among the artificial plants.

Oasis Fashion 3D window display

The backdrop and floor of the window displays consist of large leaves, in bright colours of green, red and yellow. Among the plants on the walls, there are tropical and exotic animals, such as zebras, giraffes and parrots.

In the store, the backdrop pattern is continued in certain areas, and a life-size giraffe can be found in the centre of the store, its head reaching up to the first floor.

Oasis Fashion 3D window display

The window displays also include 3D animals, including a tiger and zebra, which have been placed amidst the artificial foliage, with plant-shaped window decals partially obscuring them from view, mimicking how you would see the animal in the wild. One of the windows in Oasis’ London store also includes a decal of a giraffe’s legs, reaching from ceiling to floor.

The Zoological Society of London hopes the window display will be a way to draw a new audience to the issue of international conservation.


Image Credit: Harlequin Design / Instagram