Heinz creative window display at Selfridges

Jones Knowles Ritchie design agency has created a 50th anniversary campaign for Heinz Beans, which light-heartedly portrays what beans “means” to different people through various can designs. The campaign includes the limited-edition packaging, alongside a pop-up café and a creative store window display in Selfridges on Oxford Street.

The bespoke window display has been built on the theme ‘House of Dreams’, portraying breakfast through the lens of Heinz. There are cupboards, a table with chairs, cutlery, toast and eggs on the table. Everything in the window scene, from the backdrop with a tile pattern and the lampshades, to the 3D props and flooring, is in the Heinz blue. Shelves have also been built into the backdrop, where rows of Heinz beans cans sit, featuring variations of the well-known slogan.

Heinz creative window display at Selfridges

There are 50 variations of the slogan on the cans, including Beanz Meanz Palz and Beanz Meanz Yummz. Maurice Drake, the man behind the famous “Beanz Meanz Heinz” slogan, which was thought up in the 1960s, has also signed fifty of the special limited edition cans. The signed cans will be sold for charity and are available in Selfridges.

Stephen McDavid, design director at Jones Knowles Ritchie, said: “Drake’s famous slogan might be 50 years old, but it has stood the test of time. This felt like the perfect opportunity to celebrate this slogan in a modern way.”

Image credits: Jkrglobal, Harrow & Green / Instagram