The Body Shop’s retail window displays

Window displays are the best way to stand out on the high street and promote a new product, and cosmetics retailer The Body Shop has created some eye-catching retail window displays for its range of Anti-Pollution Skincare.

Working alongside StudioXAG, the windows of The Body Shop’s flagship Bond Street store in London appear as a multi-layered cityscape, with two giant graphics of hands holding the new skincare product surrounded by flowers, thrust upwards above the buildings. The real product is displayed in the middle of the display on plinths that have been disguised as skyscrapers and blend seamlessly in with the rest of the display.

The Body Shop’s retail window displays

The display also features campaign messages such as ‘100% vegan’ and ‘#AreYouFilthy.’ Call to actions adorn the window in cut vinyl and also appear on the printed backdrop. To contrast with the bright blue tones of the layered buildings at the base of the window, green stylised wording complements the display in the form of applied vinyl decals.

The bright colours, the thrusting hands and the bold lettering combine to create an impactful window display from the ethical retailer. By highlighting key words such as ‘vegan’ and ‘anti-pollution’ in the campaign, the product will resonate with many consumers looking to be more environmentally friendly with the products they use daily.

Image credit: StudioXAG / Instagram