Retailers using slogans and hashtags for social media in store

Using social media to stand out from the crowd is nothing new, and the retail sector was one of the first to adopt it into marketing strategies, especially with the rise of e-commerce.

Social media has made a great impact on interior store displays an integral part of the customer experience. Digital trends of 2017 report that 54% of retailers cite customer experience as their top priority, with 29% stating social media engagement is within their top three priorities. But just how important is the role of social media in store design?

Social listening

Using social media is a great way for retailers to listen to and understand what regular and new customers are saying about their store, products and brand. Social media delivers an invaluable insight that can help store designers provide a better experience for customers. Marketing messages can be coherently demonstrated on social media and in store, creating an authenticity to the brand. In a world where the lines between physical brick and mortar stores and online retail are blurring, insight from social media provides a great opportunity to tailor a bespoke shopping experience that not only attracts customers but meets or exceeds their expectations.

Retailers using slogans and hashtags for social media in store

Build a community

Retailers can encourage word of mouth promotion via social media and outreach. By working with a range of influencers and third parties who have a deeply engaged audience of their own, they can drive more interest and traffic to their stores. The influencers can also build communities around in-store events that create unique social media content, and new, eye-catching window or store displays can be shared over social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Real time connections

The impact of in-store design on social media should also be considered. Ensuring social media channels are signposted in store creates a crucial link between the online and offline experience. Point-of-sale displays are a fantastic opportunity to drive social media interaction. Methods such as hashtags, Snapcodes and Snapchat’s QR code feature can give visitors to the store access to exclusive content while they shop.

Retailers using slogans and hashtags for social media in store

Understanding what draws people into stores is vital. Whether it’s the daily appeal of special product offers or how the latest window and in-store displays are received, real customer feedback can help when tailoring the next enhancements to the retail experience. Integrating social media at every possible stage will increase brand awareness and help foster a personal bond with customers.


Image credit: Rachel C, Monte Sheridan, Nicola Louise / Instagram